Sky Tech’s Inventory Management has an inbuilt Point of Sale (POS) System together with it. You can now easily manage your product or supplier, sales or purchase order, customer, email campaigns for your consumers. Now with the capability to calculate your business’s profit and loss.

The feature of our Inventory Management Solution are:

Attractive Dashboard

  • Yearly sales report with graph chart
  • Total revenue, cost, tax details
  • Latest order details
  • Recently added Products
  • Store Summary e.g. Total Products, Order, Invoice, Customer


Purchase Manager

  • Add new supplier
  • Manage all your suppliers
  • Purchase product from suppliers
  • Purchase invoice generation
  • Supplier history with purchase record


Customer Management

  • Add new customer
  • Manage all your customers
  • Customer discount setup
  • Email campaign for customer
  • Send invoice to customer by email


Product Management

  • Create product category/subcategory
  • Add product in store
  • Product general rate, special offer, tier price
  • Manage product inventory
  • Alert notification for product running of stock
  • Product attribute and tag
  • Product barcode generate facility
  • Product barcode print
  • Manage damaged products
  • Damage product will be auto detected from inventory


Order Management

  • Add new order
  • Barcode scanner / search product by barcode number
  • Select customer for new order procedure
  • Auto discount apply if customer has discount
  • Auto tax calculation
  • Customer booking note
  • Customer shipping rate
  • Cash, cheque & card payment
  • PDF, print & email invoice facility


Email Campaign

  • Email campaign for your store
  • Create email template
  • Manage email campaign template
  • Send email to all customers
  • Email campaign report


Report Generate

  • Sales report generation
  • Overview of your sales report
  • Revenue, Cost, Tax
  • Purchase report generation
  • Purchase history with supplier


Click here to view our live Inventory Management Solution demo.

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