Sky Tech’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution assists you on managing your company’s interactions with your current and future customers. This CRM was created because we wanted to develop an excellent system that is both Powerful and User friendly at the same time. The product should help you in running the business in a better way. It helps you get organized so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done. Now you and your team will be organized and your business will take off.

The features of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution are:

  1. Manage Customers
    Manage Your Customers in two different views (Tiles & List). Powerful search and with Lazy Loading makes it possible to have and search large customer lists.
  2. Powerful Project Management
    Powerful Project Management Interface. Set Project Ownership to User, Assign Users to Projects, Tasks, Different Project Types, Set Budget, Set Timeline, Progress. Attachments Notes, Assignment History, See Audit Trails / Activity on the Project, Emails, Project Timelines etc.
  3. Best in class Manage Tasks Interface
    Unique Task IDs, Task Assignment, Assignment History, Notes, Attachments, Status, Priority, Progress, Time Spent, ETAs, Emails, Notifications Sub-Tasks.
  4. Timesheet & Work hours
    (Automatic & Manual with approval system) My Tasks & All Tasks (for Project Owners) To-Do List.
  5. Best in class Defect Management
    Unique Defect IDs, Defect Assignment, Assignment History, Notes, Attachments, Status, Priority, Progress, Time Spent, ETAs, Emails, Notifications.
  6. Timesheet & Work hours
    (Automatic & Manual with approval system) My Defects & All Defects (for Project Owners) To-Do List.
  7. My Calendar
    See your daily agenda at a glance. Task assigned In Process, Pending Tasks and Completed Tasks.
  8. Complete User Management
    Manage Users, Add/Edit, User Picture, User Roles, User Type, Activate/Deactivate, User Registration both by Admin & User itself, Password recovery, Admin password reset, Profile, User Activity, Email system to Users, Change Password.
  9. Messenger/ Chatting System
    Your team is here. Save your time by using the inbuilt Messenger that will help you see your team members online/offline & on page communication to get things done faster.
  10. File Sharing
    Attach documents, images, zips, code sharing to customers, tasks and projects. Time Tracking * Use the timer to automatically record time spent on tasks and projects. * Export time log reports for accounting.
  11. Powerful Reporting
    Generate reports about the progress of your projects and how your team is doing.
    * Task Assignment Report
    * Task Closed Report
    * Task Spent Time Report
    * Customer Type Report
    * Customer Country Report
    * New Customers Report
    * User Type Report
    * User Status Report
    * New User Reports
  12. Excellent Configurable System
    * Customer Types (Custom Configurable)
    * Project Types (Custom Configurable)
    * Project Status (Custom Configurable)
    * Task Priorities (Custom Configurable)
    * Task Status (Custom Configurable)
    * User Types (Custom Configurable)
    * Email Templates & Many More

Click here to view our live Customer Relationship Management (CRM) demo.

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